Friday, April 6, 2012

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. -Nelson Henderson

I have never been the one to openly express my feelings, stories, and rants to the world and especially put them on the Internet where you never know where they will end up. So beware! I don’t have the best sense of grammar usage nor the best vocabulary so you will just have to excuse my mistakes. That being said, here is my first blog post! 

For those of you that didn’t know, this last weekend we celebrated a holiday! What holiday you ask? ARBOR DAY! I recently did a research project on “Deforestation” and it had a much larger effect on me than I planned. I realized how terrible me and my generations are treating this earth, and how I needed to make small adjustments to try and help be the change! One of my adjustments was to plant a tree! I know, its just one tree, but hey everything helps right? I planned a miniature date for Jillian and I. I picked her up at UCO and we headed off to Lowes! When we arrived at Lowes I told her the plan and she was VERY excited! She got all giddy and goofy, and it reminded me once again on why I love this girl so very much (Beware I might throw in some mushy-gushy stuff every once in awhile) So we bought all the essentials that we didn’t have. We bought fertilizer, a bucket to water the tree, and of course. . . a tree! We chose a Bradford Pear for two reasons. The first reason was the price! Surprising it was relatively cheaper than the others. The second reason was the fact that they bloom so beautifully in the spring. So we purchased our supplies and headed off to plant!
 We chose to plant our tree at Hafer Park, which is small Public Park in Edmond. Let me just say the day was BEAUTIFUL! There were people EVERYWHERE! We decided to plant it in the back of the park by this gorgeous pond. The looks people were giving us as we were carrying our already 8-foot tree and the supplies back to our spot were priceless. The whole time we were walking, we were both giggling like little kids. We chose to put it right behind a bench that over looked the pond. The reasoning for this is the quote from this posts title. We discussed that more people in this world need to do more for others, and don’t expect things in return. 

We had so much fun digging the hole and planting the tree! When we finished we decided to name him (don’t know why we said the tree was a “him”) Arthur! When we finished the planting and watering we found another bench about twenty yards away from the tree, and that is when the biggest reward started to set in! I had cupcakes and cokes ready for Jillian and I, and we just sat and watched. Seriously one of my favorite memories of college so far! We ate our cupcakes, and watched as two separate families already started to enjoy our sweet little nook of the world. As the first family walked past us, we heard a little girl, about five years old, say “Mommy, lets go sit on that bench with the baby tree!” and the mom responded with something like “Someday, that tree will be big and we can come sit underneath its shade!” WOW! 
Not even 10 minutes after planting, and people already WANTING to sit next to our Arthur and enjoy the bench! SO rewarding! Doing small things like this is so addicting, and yet still so greatly needed! My generation needs to quit focusing so much on themselves and learn to do things for others! I am already trying to look for something else to do similar to this! It was a blast, and a memory Jillian and I will hold onto for the rest of our lives! (Sorry for the long post! I am not really sure for the etiquette on stuff like this?) 

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